Premium Design 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulb Pack 20000 Lumens 6500k White USA

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Flashmasters 9005 LED Hedlight Bulbs, 55W 20000 Lumens Bright LED Headlights, 6500k White Color LED Headlight Replacement Bulb, IP67 Waterproof, Easy Quick Installation, Pack Of 2 Headlights

This listing includes two hand picked tested 9005 LED High Beam Headlights. These have been picked from thousands of designs to be the most reliable and easy to install. Direct replacement with your original bulbs.

Don't be fooled by cheap imports. This bulb has superior design. A copper and fan combined heat sink to increase life and performance. Braided cable to protect from broken wires. Intelligent driver built in to increase compatibility. The beam pattern on these lights is as close to original which gives the best performance and farthest range of light.

  • EXTREME BRIGHTNESS: Halogens look dim compared to Flashmasters LED Headlights: 20000 Lumens! 10000 LM per bulb, 55W power. The 9005 LED Headlight provides more light at a 6500k white modern color to make you car look newer. Much brighter and longer lasting that your original headlight bulb.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: These LED bulbs are made to be a direct match to the original halogen bulb installation. Simple to plug and play. Quick and Easy.

  • FITS 99% OF VEHICLES: 9005 Headlight Bulbs will work on almost all vehicles. Some vehicles will require a CANBUS decoder to be installed as well has LED Headlight Bulbs. Daytime Running Lights or DRL may require additional relay to eliminate any flicker. Please check your owners manual for compatibly and part number. We can answer any questions and help with excellent fast support.

  • DURABILITY FAR GREATER THAN OEM: Each 9005 LED has been tested and is rated for greater than 30000 hours of running. Reducing the need to replace the bulb and saving money. Last much longer that Halogen Headlights. Made with high grade materials for optimal performance.

  • PERFECT LIGHT PATTERN: With a thin strip of heat reducing copper between the LED Headlight beads these produce the perfect beam pattern to match your original pattern. Extreme focused beam creates a farther and more bright light for safer driving.