We sell Pre-programmed used, new & remanufactured engine computers that are programmed using your VIN so that you no longer have to go to a dealership or auto repair shop to replace your engine computer.

To find the correct engine computer for your GM vehicle the "service number"must be used. This number is on the I.D. label on the computer itself and will always be (7) or (8) digits. It might be abbreviated like "service no." or "serv. no.".  You can put this number in the search bar and the computer for your vehicle should come up. You can also search using the year and model vehicle.  Using this method you might find that several choices come up.  This is because several different service numbers may have been used for the same vehicle.

To find the part number for a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram vehicle there is an ID sticker on the computer that will will have the "authorized soft ware update" part number.  There may be multiple labels on the computer.  If there is a sticker the says "authorized software update" that is the number to use, it will supersede any other number.  Please reference the authorized software number, it must match the number in the ad.  The two letters at the end do not matter and do not have to match.  Please look on all sides of the computer for the "authorized software update" label.  If you cannot find the "authorized software update" label then search using the part number on the sticker (usually only older vehicles use only the part number instead of the "authorized software update" number).  When searching use only the seven or eight digit number, do not put a "P" or "R" at the beginning of the number.  Also do not include the two letters at the end of the number.  If you are unable to locate the part number or "authorized software update" part number your local Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram dealership parts department may be able to provide the number if you provide them with the VIN.

We will always need your VIN (17 digit vehicle identification number) so we can reprogram the computer before we ship it to you. This number can be found at the lower left of the front windshield or on a label inside the drivers door area. It will also be on your title or registration. The VIN will always be 17 digits and the last six will always be numbers (not letters).  Please look for a confirming message from us that the VIN is good.  It is not uncommon that there is an error with the VIN.  Only the correct VIN can be used.