2009 GM Engine computer 12625455 "Plug & Play" (Send us you ECM to clone)

2009 GM Engine computer 12625455 "Plug & Play" (Send us you ECM to clone)

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"""Please completely read description so that you understand this process"""

This E.C.M. fits 2009 GM vehicles with service number 12625455.

This auction is for one service number 12625455 E.C.M. 
(Engine control module) that is programmed for your vehicle.

The E.C.M. will be "Plug & Play".  You will not have to do any relearn procedures, just install the computer and go, nothing more will need to be done.  We can do this by cloning your original E.C.M. so that you will receive a fully functioning replacement computer that will be a duplicate of your vehicles original computer.  You must mail to us your original computer.  Your computer must still communicate so that we can transfer the data to the replacement computer.  We will ship back both your original computer and the replacement computer from us. 

This computer is refurbished.

There is no core charge you keep your old E.C.M. 

There is a one year replacement warranty.

We will ship within one business day of receiving your computer.

Ship your computer to: Flashmasters 483 Northland Blvd, Cincinnati OH 45240.  Please print a copy of the sales receipt and put that in the box so that we can identify the sale.