2009 STS 3.6L Engine computer 12605672 "Programmed to your VIN" ECM PCM ECU

2009 STS 3.6L Engine computer 12605672 "Programmed to your VIN" ECM PCM ECU

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This E.C.M. fits the following vehicles: 2009 3.6L Cadillac STS. 

This auction is for one service number 12605672 ECM (Engine control module)
 that is programmed for your vehicle using the
latest software updates using your V.I.N.
 (Vehicle identification number) to exactly match your vehicle. 
After you purchase  the E.C.M. you will need to provide us with your V.I.N 
so that we can program the E.C.M. before we ship it to you.

This computer is refurbished and tested for functionality.

There is no core charge.

There is a one year replacement warranty.

We will include instructions for the 30 minute security password relearn procedure 
which will need to be done before the vehicle will start. 
 This is a "do it yourself" procedure that requires either a battery charger 
be connected to the vehicle or jumper cables be connected to another 
vehicle that should be left running the whole time. 

Also a crankshaft variation relearn will need to be performed once the vehicle is
running. This will be evident if the check engine or service engine soon light comes on once the vehicle
is running. You will need access to a scan tool capable of doing this procedure to do this and clear any related trouble codes (Code 0315). If this is not available to you a repair shop will have to perform this and clear the
related trouble code. The vehicle will run normal but the ”service engine soon” light will come on and a
trouble code will be stored until this is resolved.

We will ship within one business day of payment.

Same day shipping if ordered before 2:00 P.M. EST (Mon-Fri)