GM engine computer programming service.  $110.00 which includes return shipping.

GM engine computer programming service. $110.00 which includes return shipping.

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Due to eBay policy I have to ship you a letter the day your order the computer. Do not be confused when you receive a letter in the mail.

This auction is for the custom programming of your GM engine computer that you send us.

Please contact us first so we can let you know if we can do what you need.  We do not do performance related tuning.  What we can do is turn off certain codes from setting like for instance rear O2 sensors or E.G.R. or air pump codes.  We can also adjust for axle ratio, tire change size and raise the speed limiter. 

We ship your item back the same day or next day after we receive it.  
We provide free return shipping within the U.S. and Puerto Rico. 

We do not have the ability to test your computer besides the fact that we will
know if it is able to receive programming. 

If you are interested send it to: Flashmasters 502 W Sharon Rd Cincinnati Oh 45240. 
Put in a note with name, address, phone, E-mail & VIN. 

We use Alldatapro for our repair information.  If you need diagnostic information please let us know and we can help.  We are also a member of IATN (International automotive technicians network) a valuable resource of auto repair information.  If you want to speak to us in person call the shop at 513-648-0444 (Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00 E.S.T.)

We do not use or access to program the computer.