Tub Buddy Hot Tub Cover and Spa Support (EXTEND YOUR COVER LIFE) Made in the US

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Hot Tub Buddy

  • Triple your covers life expectancy.
  • Protect your spa cover concave distortion due to snow, water pooling and age.
  • Over time spa covers get waterlogged and very heavy.  When this happens they will distort unless they     have support at the center of the cover.
  • It can also protect from damage if your cover gets accidently walked on by a person or animal.  
  • Keep your Cover looking straight and true for years.
  • Completely made of PVC and designed to last for the life of you spa.
  • Save on the cost of replacement covers which can range from $500 to $1000 or more.
  • Custom made, specifically sized for your tub,
Hot Tub Buddy was designed to extend and protect your existing hot tub or spa cover. With many years of testing we have an 8 year old cover that still looks brand new. It can save you money from not having to purchase a new cover near as often. 

Hot Tub Buddy is compatible with all Spa and Hot Tub manufacturers. 

Instructions for use:
  1. Place your Tub Buddy inside your Spa whenever the cover is closed. 
  2. Tub Buddy gets placed on the seam of the cover to provide the most support. 
  3. Place your Tub Buddy only on the fiberglass of your Spa. Do not cover any pumps or drains (It can be moved to either side of the drain). 
Tub Buddy is custom made to fit your Spa/Hot Tub.  Your measurement must be accurate (To the nearest quarter inch).  Please refer to the image explaining where to measure from. Send a message with your exact measurement after purchase.